2017-04-13 How to store cable?
Wire and cable has been widely used in our daily life, wire and cable safety has been paid attention to by the people, for the right side of the wire and cable, wire and cable to ensure safety in normal working condition, to introduce the cable for the storage of the knowledge.
On the exterior wall of wire and cable, avoid direct sunlight and artificial damage. The wall under the eaves of wire and cable, cable not only in direct exposure to sunlight or ultra high temperature, standard wire and cable LAN can be applied, recommend the use of pipeline. Application of suspension / overhead cables, considering cable sag and stress, which is going to binding wire and cable, whether by direct sunlight. The pipe (plastic or metal), such as in the pipe, thermal damage note and metal pipe plastic pipe.
The underground pipeline of wire and cable, to facilitate future upgrades, wire and cable replacement and surface pressure and the surroundings, auxiliary pipe isolation, auxiliary pipeline is a good method, but not in the hope of pipeline will always keep dry, it will impact on the cable laying directly in the selection. Underground cable channel, this kind of environment is the smallest control, wire and cable trench installation must be periodically dry or wet degree examination.
Wire and cable applications:
1, power system
Wire and cable products used in power system are mainly bare overhead wires, bus (bus), power cable (plastic cable, oil paper power cable (basically replace the plastic power cables), rubber cables, overhead insulated cables), branch cable (instead of part of the bus), electric wire with electrical equipment and power equipment wire and cable.
2, information transmission system
The wire and cable used in the information transmission system mainly includes local cable, TV cable, electronic cable, radio frequency cable, optical fiber cable, data cable, electromagnetic wire, electric power communication or other composite cable
3, mechanical instrument system
In addition to this part of the bare bare wire almost all other products are applied, but mainly power cables, electromagnetic wires, data cables, instrumentation cables and so on
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