2017-04-13 How to buy to meet the requirements of national standards for power cable products?
How to buy qualified products?
First: recognize the certification mark! At the time of purchase, must have 3C certification mark, view the certificate on the model specifications, rated voltage, length, manufacturing date, certification number, inspection standards, factory name, site is identified, or if there is no ambiguity, dont buy!
Second: focus on packaging! When you want to pay attention to the packaging to be exquisite, printing to be clear, model specifications, factory name, site and other complete.
Third: view product appearance. When buying, pay attention to look at the appearance of smooth round, uniform color, feel good. If the rubber wire and cable, sheath, insulation can be burned cigarette butts, and the surface is completely free of damage.
Fourth: check conductor. Conductor must have a certain degree of gloss and softness, the conductor structure to meet the national standards.
Fifth: check the length. When buying, do not covet cheap, buy a 90m or 80m, or even no length of wire and cable, the length must be consistent with 100 + 0.5m standard requirements.
Here to remind you, there are some market power cable manufacturers in order to attract customers, mislead consumers, even ignoring the national standard of products of each circle 100 meters, the product (especially plastic line) made of 90 meters, damage to the interests of consumers, disrupting power cables market. They do so, the reason is that less than 10 meters, lower prices, misleading consumers. For example, a wire factory production of PVC insulated copper core plastic wire BV2.5 2 mm, certificate printing length is 90 meters, the actual length of 82 meters; such a ring of BV2.5 mm 2 of the sales price of 150 yuan, compared to the standard BV2.5 2 mm production of qualified products around 100 meters of the market price of 170-180 a few yuan 20-30 yuan. Contrary to the national standards, serious damage to the interests of consumers, at the same time, disrupted the power cable sales market.
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